Every day, our clients do exceptional, amazing, interesting, artistic, inspirational, obscure, fantastic, creative, wonderfully spectacular and uniquely different things with their Apple computers.

And every day we are here to help them.

Who are MacLogics?

MacLogics was conceived by myself, Carl Folker, in 2002 as a part-time enterprise and was originally set up to help private individuals with the installation of, and tuition for, their Apple computers. Now in its 22nd year, MacLogics is one of Peterborough’s busiest ‘sole trader’ companies in its field, with around 400 jobs annually, travelling over 10,000 miles each year to private clients in Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire, as well as ‘remotely’ supporting a handful of clients in London, Cornwall, and Suffolk.

A long and varied list of over 200 clients from many backgrounds (musicians, journalists, artists, garden designers, writers, architects) means that I understand the needs and requirements of every type of Apple owner, whether they are a long-term Apple user or just starting out.

What we do.

Since 2002, I have set up or repaired almost every type of Apple computer and have an in-depth knowledge of Apple’s operating systems (OS X and macOS) as well as many applications, such as Microsoft Office, Photos, iTunes, etc.

Meticulous technical skills and using Apple’s own resources mean that I can diagnose and repair almost any current or past Apple computer and offer advice on improving performance, keeping a Mac free of unwanted software and showing clients how to be more aware of potential problems, both with their computer, and with the growing threat of ‘scammers’.

The on-site services I offer range from setting up a new Mac, iPad , Apple TV, printer, backup drives. I also fit faster solid state drives to older machines to give them a new lease of life, fit new batteries to laptops, as well as upgrade operating systems, and help to migrate clients from a PC to a Mac. I also offer an annual computer service to all clients.

Most work is carried out in the client’s home, although arrangements can be made for computers to be brought to my home which is more suitable for longer tasks, and being flexible means that I can fit in with a clients’ schedule, happily arranging visits for weekdays, evenings or weekends.


Unlike other companies, there are no customer reviews for one-off jobs here. However, I have supported quite a few of my clients for well over 15 years and have asked some of them for their thoughts:

“I am delighted to have been one of MacLogics’ clients for over 19 years, and could not have wished for any better service or advice during that time. Carl is completely reliable, works through problems quickly and tenaciously and advises steadily and realistically. I now live over 100 miles away from MacLogics, but remain a very happy client. Anything that Carl cannot do remotely, it is well worth - for me - the journey back to see him. Thank you Carl!” Laurence Vulliamy, Television Producer.

“I have been using Carl for over 20 years for all my Mac upgrades and any Mac-related problems that I’ve encountered. He is so knowledgeable, reliable and honest. A few months ago I was at a very large, household name, departmental store and mentioned Carl’s name and they said “oh yes we use him all the time” - and they are never knowingly undersold! Carl is a fantastic technician and I wouldn’t use anyone else.” LC

“I am a journalist - and I need 100% computer reliability. For the last twenty years or so, MacLogics have provided that. They are always there to sort out problems and offer advice, either by on-site servicing or by phone. This may sound extreme but I would only want to live within the footprint of the East Midlands covered by MacLogics. Without their IT support, I wouldn’t have a business.” JH

“What I can say is that it is your service that solves those Apple Mac things that do not make sense when in an emergency and your calm and professional knowledge is always there and has been for over twenty years. Carl and MacLogics are the only service I can trust for all my machines and operational tasks related to Apple!” Chris Bridge, wecommunic8 Ltd.