Every day, our clients do exceptional, amazing, interesting, artistic, inspirational, obscure, fantastic, creative, wonderfully spectacular and uniquely different things with their Apple computers.

And every day we are here to help them.

Who are MacLogics?

MacLogics was conceived by myself, Carl Folker, in 2002 as a part-time enterprise and was originally set up to help private individuals with the installation of, and tuition for, their Apple computers. Since then I have set up hundreds of machines, working with individuals and companies both in the UK and abroad. Since 2007 MacLogics has been a full-time occupation. I still primarily work with private customers and home-run businesses, limiting the number of companies that I take on to ensure that the bulk of my time is available to assist individuals on a daily basis.

In 2004 I became the first Apple computer installer for John Lewis in Peterborough and am still recommended by them for installations and repairs. I also have a good working relationship with local Apple resellers, such as KRCS in Peterborough as well as other smaller businesses in East Anglia.

We have an eclectic client list from a book designer to a film maker, from a gallery of artists to a handful of authors, from musicians to architects and almost every occupation in between. Some have been clients for many years, some only a few weeks (and some have become good friends) but all receive the same level of service.

What we do.

Over the 10 years since MacLogics began, I have set up or repaired almost every type of computer that Apple has produced and have an in-depth knowledge of Apple’s systems and OSX. Meticulous technical skills and access to Apple’s own resources mean that I can fully test and repair any current or past Apple computer, and have spent time building and maintaining good relationships with a small network of fellow engineers who can assist with specialised repairs and sourcing parts.

As well as repairs, much of my time is still spent providing installations and training to enable clients to get up and running quickly and efficiently, and being on hand to offer continued support. I happily give advice freely – especially to those considering their first Mac – and even bring along equipment for demonstration purposes.

I prefer to visit the client’s home or workplace in order to access the computer in situ (but also work in my own home) and my flexibility means that I can fit in with clients’ schedules and will happily arrange visits for weekdays, evenings and weekends.


Every year, we offer services for our clients’ computers and this year we are busier than ever.

We use Apple Service Diagnostic software which is specific to your machine and checks every single component of your computer, together with some third party software packages. Combined, these ensure that your Apple computer is running smoothly and if any errors are spotted they can usually be repaired on-site (especially software faults).

Added to the service, we also install software to keep an eye on different components of your computer - this year, it’s the hard disk. The software alerts you (and us) when there’s a problem, which enables a quick response to avoid any further problems.

Older computers may also benefit from an internal clean, as dusty fans can cause overheating or other issues, and this can be done either at the same time as the service or at a later date depending on the computer.

MacLogics’ servicing also ensures that all software is up-to-date and we can explain any potential upgrades to make things run better (which can be carried out at a reduced rate). Finally, some time is always set aside to go through any questions that you may have and to give a little tuition or tips where needed.

To ask about our servicing or to book, just call or E-mail.